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Kristina P

If you have been looking for a workout class with a sweet group of women that you can bring your baby to, I highly recommend Kylie of mini and me fitness. The classes are a good workout and you can bring your baby/toddler along as well! Rosie and I started today and it was great! So great for the littles to get a bit of normalcy in this strange new world! Also, the classes are reasonably priced and 45 min so you have NO excuse! You can fit it in! Do this for you!!

Ella J

Mini and me fitness classes were my lifesaver after having my third baby. I tried everything after my first two, and couldn’t make anything work while balancing mommying. Enter Kylie and mini and me fitness. No excuses ladies, you can bring all the kids and they have a blast playing together. Apart from an amazing and knowledgeable instructor, Kylie is an absolute gem of a human being and her entertain and positivity is infectious. More than a place to get fit, you will gain a tribe of beautiful mamas while your minis make friends too.

Kimberly S

Kylie is fantastic and has built a wonderful community with mini and me fitness. The classes are fun, energetic and great workouts! Being able to workout as a mom is already hard enough and Kylie makes it easy with minis being allowed to come, mom only classes are also a plus.
She is flexible, accommodating and encouraging. I highly recommend joining in on Kylie's classes!

Jenny R

Kylie's classes are excellent - a highlight of my week. They are fun and full of great energy. She's a great instructor who gives lots of modifications and is very knowledgeable about pregnancy and post-partum fitness. I highly recommend her classes.

Jazmin H

I discovered Mini and Me Fitness classes at the perfect time in my life. They have helped me maintain positive mental health, and got me started on the path to loving my new mom body. Kylie is the most encouraging, friendly and motivational trainer I have ever met. She is honest about who she is as a trainer and person. Her classes are literally meant for any mom, whether you've never worked out a day in your life or you have always worked out. Being able to have my children with me for my workouts is beyond helpful, and makes working out way easier as I don't have to find someone to watch them. Thank you Kylie for getting me on track and keeping me accountable!

Lesley E

Mini and me Fitness has been so much more than a gym class for me. Kylie has created a community that supports each other, builds each other up, and makes everyone feel welcome no matter what fitness level you are. Her classes have been a vital part of my postpartum journey in so many ways. Her positive energy is so motivating and before you know it you will be pulling out dance moves with her. The classes are designed to adapt to wherever you are at and she is incredibly knowledgeable as a fitness instructor. I highly recommend Mini and Me!

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