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Young Moms Staying Fit

Parent & Tot Fitcamp
Parent & Baby Pilates

The Beat 
1-1610 Island Highway

Things you need to know: 


  • Strollers will need to stay in the lobby to allow maximum room for everyone

  • Please enter through the rear entrance 

  • Parking available in front, at the side, and at the rear of the building. 

Girl Stretching

Child Friendly Fitcamp - Tuesdays 
Just for Her Pilates 
Prenatal Pilates

Redeemer Lutheran Church 
3024 Jacklin Road

Things you need to know: 

  • We will be in the Hall downstairs 

  • There is no elevator, you will need to use the stairs

  • Please bring your own dumbbells if you have them 

  • To get downstairs come through the main doors, there is a door on the left going downstairs. The hall is straight ahead as you come out of the stairs to the right. 

  • Please arrive early to your first class so you can find us downstairs. 

Workout Class

Child Friendly Fitcamp - Monday & Wednesday

1701 Cedar Hill Cross Road

Things you need to know: 
The parking lot entrance  you are looking for is in-between Poplar and Kingsberry. Beware that there are two parking lots located nearly side by side in-between these two roads. However, you’re looking for 1 of the 2 parking lots as explained below. 

If you’re coming down Richmond road, going the opposite direction of the Camosun campus, it will be your first right turn into the building/parking lot. if you’re turning onto Richmond Road from Cedarhill Road (going into the direction towards the Camosun Campus), it will be the parking lot that is the 2nd turn on your left. You should see this sign at the entrance of the parking lot (see photos). You will drive down a longer lane into the parking lot. The entrance into the building has a sign that indicates you are at the entrance nearest to the social room. 

Young Moms

Parent & Tot - Outdoor

Herm Williams Park
646 Kelly Road

Things you need to know:

This park is fully fenced with plenty of parking. 

In the event on inclement weather class will be cancelled and you will receive a credit.

Location Info - need to know: Services
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